Integrating exclusive footage from the motion picture, the game immerses players in the era of Alexander the Great. Like Alexander, players will face the challenges of managing vast resources, a multitude of units, buildings and advancements, while his enemies always seem to have more of everything.

Blood will be spilt on the battlefield and honor will be put to the test, as the courage and cunning of each decision will determine success. Triumph in epic real-time battles using formations, morale, and authentic battle tactics.

  • - Alexander the Great, a dashing warrior king, filled with ambition and courage, lead his vastly outnumbered forces against massive armies, conquering 90% of the known world by the age of 25.
  • - Poros, a feared Indian warlord who led his fearsome elephant cavalry against his enemies.
  • - Darius, the King of Persia, the ancient world's largest empire, and commander of its massive army formed from the many people he had conquered.
  • - Nectanebo, a cunning Egyptian pharaoh renowned for his quick wits.
  • Detailed multinational armies/units: Choose between Greek, Persian, Indian and Egyptian armies, each with unique units and abilities, such as Indian war elephants or Persian war camels.
  • Breathtaking on-screen scale: An incredible 64,000 units can exist on the battlefield simultaneously, with 8,000 on-screen at once.
  • Manage a massive empire: Control forces on land and at sea. - 120 unique buildings - Unlimited natural resources. A variety of distinctive terrains.
  • Relive Alexander the Great's campaign: Step into the shoes of one of history's most luminous and influential leaders and win epic battles and exciting missions.
  • A multitude of objectives: Use strategy, courage, and formation tactics to achieve your goals in a wide variety of single-player and multiplayer missions.

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Releasedatum: 26-11-2004
Ontwikkeld door: GSC
Uitgegeven door: Ubisoft
Genre: Strategy
Beschikbaar op: pc
Age 16+

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