Driver Parallel Lines



Driver: Parallel Lines is the next installment of Atari's legendary franchise action driving game. As the only game that offers an open, fast-paced driving action-movie experience, Driver: Parallel Lines features an unfolding storyline of double crossing and revenge. Set in a photorealistic interpretation of New York City, players take on the role of a notorious 18 year old who, free from conscience and rules, is the most sought after driver-for-hire in town. Get down and dirty in cars of all kinds. Modify and juice up cars before engaging in the most thrilling Hollywood-style car chases ever. With over 40 diverse missions, online multiplayer options, incredibly realistic driving physics, and a brand new story with an unforeseen twist, Driver: Parallel Lines is a must-have title for action driving fans.

  • Driver: Parallel Lines is an entirely new story with over 40 diverse missions as well as on-the-fly mini-games such as destruction derby and cops and robbers
  • Pulse-pounding, non-stop driving action with Hollywood-style car chasing experiences
  • On-line play that supports up to eight players in numerous play modes that span the entire city
  • Highly intuitive character control, improved physics and an expansive arsenal of weaponry
  • An incredibly detailed photo-realistic New York City 'living world' city to explore
  • Seamless open mission structure integrated around the central storyline with no load times what-so-ever
  • Incredible vehicle damage system with unprecedented detail and level of destruction
  • 80 drivable vehicles including cars, bikes and trucks, each with authentic physics; features comprehensive vehicle tuning with performance and visual customization

Informatie over Driver Parallel Lines

Releasedatum: 29-06-2007
Ontwikkeld door: Reflections
Uitgegeven door: Ubisoft
Genre: Racing
Beschikbaar op: pc ps2 xbox wii
Age 18+

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Driver Parallel Lines

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