Ducati World Championship



Ducati World Championship, developed by Artematica from Italy, features more than 70 superbly modeled motorbikes from 4 different categories - Classics, Sports, Road and Grand Prix. There are over 34 exciting circuits to race on with an incredible amount of extras to unlock.

  • Different weather conditions, realistic lighting and settings, along with Doctor Costa's Mobile Clinic.
  • With Loris' Riding Lessons you can learn all you need to become a champion.
  • Ride and progress through challenging Career Mode.
  • Exceptional fast bikes and gorgeous Race Queens.
  • 3 different in game options - Arcade, Normal and Simulation.
  • 60 tournaments in 5 different game modes.
  • Multiplayer options.
  • Pump up the volume with the powerful soundtrack from hard rock Italian band Lacuna Coil!

Informatie over Ducati World Championship

Releasedatum: 06-04-2007
Ontwikkeld door: Atrematica
Uitgegeven door: Ubisoft
Genre: Racing
Beschikbaar op: pc
Age 3+

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Ducati World Championship

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