Rugby Challenge 2006



Rugby Challenge 2006 promises to deliver the action with slick presentation, together with unsurpassed hard hitting encounters that avid Rugby fans richly deserve and expect. Developed by Swordfish Studios, which was recently named Developer of the Year at the second annual TIGA awards, Rugby Challenge 2006 will feature:

  • New competitions - featuring both international and domestic clubs, including Heineken Cup, 6 Nations Tournaments, Zurich Premiership, Celtic League, French National League (Top 16), etc.
  • Players/Teams - all the licensed players and teams are researched before they are entered into the game.
  • Career mode - enables players to manage, wheel and deal and play your way to the top.
  • Training & Tutorial modes - number of levels including sub games to achieve personal bests.
  • Weather Conditions - choices to play a game in dry or wet conditions, and either during daytime or in the evening.
  • Stadia - There is a mixture of both real-life stadiums (such as Murrayfield, Lansdowne Road, Twickenham, Millennium Stadium, etc.) and fictional stadiums.

Informatie over Rugby Challenge 2006

Releasedatum: 03-02-2006
Ontwikkeld door: Swordfish Studios
Uitgegeven door: Ubisoft
Genre: Sport
Beschikbaar op: pc ps2 xbox
Age 3+

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