The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary



On the 10th anniversary of The SETTLERS II, This new Settlers game will allow PC gamers to revisit the 1996 classic, enhancing the playersÂ’ experience with 3D up-to-date graphics and new gameplay additions.

An all-new game engine has also been developed exclusively by UbisoftÂ’s Blue Byte Studio (Germany) in cooperation with Funatics. This engine will generate an interactive 3D environment and charming comic strip look including beautiful fauna and flora. Typical sound and music effects will underline the bustling atmosphere of the game.

  • Players will have to establish a running economy in a fictitious world based around the 5th century BC.
  • The building of streets is essential in the gameplay and the transport system will have to be optimised in order to guarantee the most efficient transportation of goods.
  • Main actions will begin from the Headquarters with a choice of 31 different buildings, 25 carriers, 5 military units and 31 goods to use wisely.
  • The three original types of population are back in the single player campaign with 10 big missions as well as for numerous additional maps.
  • Three nations will be available: Romans, Nubians and Chinese.
  • On top of that, The Settlers II – 10th Anniversary will also include a random map generator and multiplayer mode.

Informatie over The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary

Releasedatum: 06-10-2006
Ontwikkeld door: Funatics
Uitgegeven door: Ubisoft
Genre: Strategy
Beschikbaar op: pc
Age 7+

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The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary

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