The Settlers IV: Mission Pack



Morbus has been defeated and turned into stone! But still some enclaves of the Dark Tribe are persistently threatening your peaceful settlements. As chief of the Romans the fate of your people lies in your hands. Rebuild your almost destroyed empire and stop the advance of the Dark henchmen! Alternatively as Montezuma - leader of the Mayas - your job is to ward off the Romans' conquest and to explore the ancient world with the Vikings! Experience the ultimate Settlers challenge in 55 new Single and Multiplayer missions! This game is a must-have for all fans of the strategy and empire building smash hit. Full version of THE SETTLERS IV required!

  • Map editor and Random map generator
  • 5 brand-new campaigns
  • 16 new singleplayer maps
  • 18 Multiplayer maps (Cooperative, Economy and Conflict modes.)
  • 3 different game speeds

Informatie over The Settlers IV: Mission Pack

Releasedatum: 23-11-2001
Ontwikkeld door: BlueByte
Uitgegeven door: Ubisoft
Genre: Strategy
Beschikbaar op: pc
Age 12+

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