Worms Blast



The aim of the game is to survive, either longer than your opponent or until one player has reached a set objective. Worms Blast gives us our fifth trip to the Worms universe. You control a team of worms, you square off against opposing worm team(s) - either AI or human-controlled - in a kill-them-before-they-kill-you fight .

As always in the series, Worms Blast tests the players thinking, skill, reflexes, forward planning and nerve. Control your character of choice, 6 hand picked individuals with serious delusions of grandeur. Cross the world to crush your opponents.

  • The 9 characters in Worms Blast are taken a step further, rendered as 3D models for the first time. They are given personality, a mean arsenal of weaponry and a unique boat for them to terrorise the waves on.
  • A completely new fresh addictive strategic war game for this very huge franchise.
  • Hilarious combat system and addictive gameplay, displaying the unique so well established Worms humour, utilising the overall style, objects and voices for great effect.
  • A wide variety of game modes: Survival, Star Collection, Tide Trial, Death Match, Don`t Drop Em
  • Use a frightening array of new weapons capable of mass destruction: piranha, sea monster, Shield, Boat Repair, Fish Food, Reverse Controls, Sailors Delight, Time Stands Still, Water Balance, Weather Balloon, Torpedo, Speed Up, Double Damage, Ghost Crates, Laser.
  • Beautiful cartoon-style art backgrounds in a variety of detailed locations.
  • Worms Blast lends itself perfectly to multiplayer competition.
  • Humorous and lively sounds and music
  • lot of replayability, huge longevity

Informatie over Worms Blast

Releasedatum: 15-03-2002
Ontwikkeld door: Team 17
Uitgegeven door: Ubisoft
Genre: Strategy
Beschikbaar op: pc ps2 ngc
Age 3+

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